R 2.2 Realwool wall insulation 12m square bale 580mm wide


Realwool R2.2 x 580mm width wall insulation

  • 12 m2 per bale. 
  •  $158 per 12m2 bale ($13.16 per square metre)

Features & Benefits

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Non toxic
  • sound absorbing
  • Fire resistance  
  • 50 year warranty   
  • Simply the best insulation available .
  • R2.2 x 580mm width 12 m2 per bale

Product information

  • Min purchase 12m2 bale.
  • Only full bales sold not by the metre
  • Shipping additional

R 2.2 Realwool wall insulation, natural wool bonded with polyester strand so no resins or chemicals, meaning non toxic and also biodegradable.

Realwool products possess excellent sound absorbing qualities reducing noise transmission from within and outside of your building.

Wool is the best natural insulator which has the ability to moderate humidity inside your home, it can turn moisture in the air into warm energy by evaporating it helping to moderate the inside tempture.

With one of the highest fire restance ratings Wool will not burn but melt away from the ignition source and extinguish itself.

Realwool being a natural product doesn't irritate the skin and no protective clothing required but we always recommend dust masks when installing, makes it perfect for DIY and the better option for those who are sensitive or suffer from allergies.