R 1.8 Polyester Ceiling Top Up Blanket Insulation 20m² bale


R 1.8 Polyester Ceiling Top Up Blanket Insulation 25m²

  • Doesn't carry odours.
  • 600mm wide
  • 20 m2 per bale,
  • $243.75 per 20m2 bale ($9.75 per meter)


  • 20m2 length total
  • Polyester
  • Water proof
  • Non irritant 
  • DIY
  • waterproof
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to install

Product Information

  • Min order 1 x bale 20m2
  • Only sold by the bale, not per metre
  • Shipping additional


R 1.8 Polyester ceiling insulation is recycled product and the most robust insulation on the market, environmentally friendly polyester retains its loft better than most insulation which means it can give its full R-value (Resistance value) for more years than glass wool products.

Polyester comes in rolls so less joins compared to batts which mean less thermal losses, Polyester doesn't absorb moisture and will not slump over time.

Due to being made of recycled plastic bottles it's stopping pollution and reducing the need for excess energy need to heat and cool uninsulated homes.

No special clothing needed to install but dust masks is recommended, perfect for DIY as easy to handle as it comes in small roles in the pack. Also a great choice for those who are sensitive or suffer from allergies.